melt by alifannSpectrum 15: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Chicken nuggets are the way to a women’s heart, real talk.


Anonymous asked:
wow! why are you in attack mode with me all of a sudden I never to offend you or anything and you really are aggressive aren't you and I heard of you sexual from stories of a Asian girl you dated that's what made me interested in you at first but would you see yourself with me ?

okay thats cool and no i dont know you like that ( friend zone) and i just told you im fucking some one right now so theirs no room for others

Anonymous asked:
Clyde whats wrong I read a post you made not to long ago that you deleted I mean i dont know you well or at all just from what people told me about you but i never seen you so angry at school and what you posted not to long ago I know im just a crush from a far and that one day ill build the courage to come up to you but if you want to talk to some one id gladly come out of hiding if it means i get to talk to you alone and tell that bitch who was rude to me to move aside she aint shit

Im pissed off for several reasons i was angry at school because of someone just playing stupid with me on something that should of been taken seriously

2.what i posted was aimed at some one specifically im a bit agree at her just cause

3.I know who you are and you are sexy as fuck  you make is obvious who you are you arent slick so i dont get why you are shy at all so stop the fucking games and just come up to me

4.i dont want to fuck you im fucking someone else we are just at a stand off right not cause of a disagreement you could say we just had that why i wrote that post and then delted it

5. shes not a bitch she just protecting what she has

and i told you before just come up and talk to me its not that hard


Cover to Spider-Man 2099 #8
Jessica looks annoyed on this cover.


by Alex Figini (BioWare Concept Artist)

me towards everyone I know

PURE HONESTY, one of the reason why i crave her so much 
Ps; and i love eating it …just saying